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About Us
For the most part, we all like to eat and we all like movies. What if you could combine the two somehow? Sure dinner and a movie is probably the most popular, and most basic, date you could ever plan, so we thought of a way for you to spice up dinner and a movie. It’s called Meals n Movies and you can enjoy it right in the very comforts of your own home.

What exactly is Meals n Movies? It’s a fun new way to enjoy a movie by pulling food ideas from a film you plan on watching and putting it on your table to enjoy with family, friends, or your date. We like to think of it as “Dinner with a plot twist.”

My wife and I enjoy a seven year age gap, I probably enjoy it more than her since I’m older, so our movie experiences differ quite a bit. We don’t always see eye-to-eye on what’s a good movie to watch, but we both enjoy chewing on some grub and downing some spirits. It seemed only natural to introduce a movie title I’m familiar with by enticing her with food from the movie and a few stiff drinks. My plan worked like a charm and Meals n Movies was born.

For those movies offering up little to no food options to pick from you could focus on the setting of the film you want to watch. Take the Oscar award winning film Rocky set in Philadelphia to grill up some Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches and then pick up some pastries from your favorite local or well-known bakery for something special, which speaks to the notoriety of some small family-run Italian bakeries in South Philly. This idea feels like a much better idea than serving your dinner guests three raw eggs in a glass like Rocky famously downed in the movie.

Most movies have some sort of food appearance in them so you don’t have to be too creative to come up with a few ideas. Actually the inaugural movie for Meals n Movies was Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark which probably has you wondering how in the world you’d pull a meal from that movie. Marion, played by Karen Allen, is captured by Nazi supporters and while in captivity is given a meal of bread and some other accompaniments. As a child I remember watching this scene and always thinking how I’d love that meal if I was being held captive. Anytime I’ve seen the movie, I’ve always remembered that thought as a child. It seemed only right to share this movie with my wife and make a meal consisting of some of the items included on her tray of goodies.

Meals n Movies is a creative way for you to share a movie and a meal with others. It’s fun to do a bit of research about a movie and put something together for your guests. In some cases we have to go back and re-watch a movie to pull out some ideas before pulling all our ideas together.