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February 1, 2016 at 5:24 pm

After discovering my wife has never seen the movie Top Gun, I’ve decided this will be the next movie I’ll show her for a MnM experience. With that being said, I’ve already taken a look at different parts of the movie for ideas and decided on BBQ from the famous great balls of fire scene at the BBQ restaurant they’re at.

I’m originally from Kansas City and very familiar with some awesome BBQ, but not too familiar with any great mac-n-cheese recipes. I’ve you read the Romancing the Stone article, you’ll remember my wife’s a vegetarian. I figured a few great sides will suit her perfectly and add a mac-n-cheese dish for her main item. I would take the same approach I did with Romancing the Stone, but I can’t pass on a great opportunity to have some tasty BBQ.

Does anyone have any great recipes I can use for a tasty mac-n-cheese dish? Thanks in advance and I’ll make sure and give you credit if I use your recipe.